Sunday, February 5, 2012

Seen in my Emerald LP comment sections

"why is there a charmeco there thats a sinnoh pokemon :o"

CHARMECO? You mean you can't spell it properly even when it's in front of you, and it's not exactly a tough name to begin with? And Chimecho being a Sinnoh Pokémon? Seriously? Yes, I know it's much more common in Sinnoh, but that doesn't make it a Sinnoh Pokémon. Just like Meditite. Though to be fair, Meditite is in the pool of Pokémon that appears through Sinnoh Sound in HGSS, not Hoenn Sound...

*talking about why Hoenn is the best region* "that's your opinion and I respect that but the elite 4 n Hoenn was way easier 2 beat!"

Stupid kids and them wanting every game to be easy mode. Leave 'em alone with an NES, a copy of Battletoads and a rope, they'll be hung to the ceiling within five minutes.

"i just noticed that castform so use it for god sake!!!"

HOLY CRAP, this is the incredibly rare breed of idiot who thinks Castform isn't bottom rung! *readies Master Ball*

Curse you, Chuggaaconroy. Curse you and your dark church that infests everything you come into contact with, even unwillingly. Curse your legions of asshats who want NCS gone from the Runaway Guys because he died 35 times and got 11 game overs trying to unlock Jigglypuff.


  1. Chuggaa's fanbase is dumber than I thought.

  2. I could never understand the idiots that want a game to be easier. Difficulty is not an objectively good quality of a game, but when you're talking about Pokemon, you need all the difficulty you can get. Steamrolling through the entire game is just not fun. If there's no challenge, there's no reward. One of the reasons I enjoyed Skyward Sword so much is that it was more difficult than previous 3D Zelda games. I've done a minimalist playthrough of the other four, but I was actually struggling to survive at some points in Skyward Sword, and it was really enjoyable.

  3. Castform is a Weather Ball TM in Pokémon form.

    Maybe Mr Charmeco still has Charizard on the brain?

  4. I love NCS in the Runaway Guys, just because he died lots of times doesnt make him a terrible gamer.Also he makes the group so funny

    1. I'm well aware of that. Besides, the Swamp stage is a bitch.

    2. It's been pointed out before, but he's far better at older, 2D games. He took a break from the Grandmaster Galaxy to play Contra without losing a single life, he plays and beats Battletoads, and he recently LPed Castlevania (though he failed hilariously at Stage 5). It's a strange disconnect to see him perform poorly in newer, easier games, but I can see how it happens. The controls and overall feel of older games is very different.

    3. *Not to mention his Adventure of Link LP, that is still very impressive to me.

  5. Castform would actually have a rather cool design if it had not been so poorly executed with those horrible stats...
    But my little brother is still able to destroy everything in-game with it without grinding like crazy. (How did he managed to do so ? I have no idea... I guess he abused the Type change with Forecast)
    So I guess it can be viable if used right... but honestly we can say exactly the same thing for every Pokemon in existence.
    So... just tell them you didn't want to and that might shut them up... even though I doubt they would let you have your own personal play-style.
    Speaking of my brother, he started to do exactly like me and watch LPs just for the sake of doing everything like me... (He's 9) Oh well, he barely started to learn English, so I don't have to worry about him getting brainwashed... yet...

  6. And you thought this was going to be easy. :)

    I'm kinda wishing you went through the comments on each Emerald section like I did Slow, you'd be pulling all of your hair out and then some.

    Now as for NCS, I thought he did terribly in the Swamp stage. There were some times when his death was completely unneccesary and I can understand all of the Diddy Kong deaths since they don't heal you back, but man. Was it painful to watch.