Thursday, February 9, 2012

Netherlands-only Reshiram/Zekrom event... wait, what?

Yeah, I was shocked too when I read it on Serebii. Remember that Mist Reshiram / Haze Zekrom movie 14 giveaway in Japan? Well, the first thing we hear about that event outside of Japan is that it's going to happen in the Netherlands only, at least for the time being. Now, I don't have anything against the Netherlands (is anyone here even from there to begin with?), but it's just so... random. There HAS to be something similar in North America and the rest of Europe... right?

By the way, the way this giveaway works, for anyone interested, is that you get the opposite mascot from the version you have, so White owners get Reshiram and Black owners get Abraham Lincoln... I mean Zekrom.


  1. Im from the Netherlands and the reason we are getting it is because a few things. This February is Pokemon month at the dutch version of Disney Xd. The dutch version of Pokemon magazine is celebrating there 5 year anniversary. And there is gonna be a Pokemon tour guide for a weekend, where they are gonna show the history of pokemon and the meaning of most pokemon.

    1. Really? That sounds interesting, especially that last part. You just know that if the nostalgia fanboys just tossed their goggles aside and had a little more general culture, they'd be a lot more accepting of the Pokémon that actually look unique.

    2. Wow, I have to agree that I would love to see such an event... no matter how much of a nerd I would look like if I go there. My little brother would also love to come with me...
      I'm jealous, they're so lucky.
      (Yes, because the "historic" part of Pokemon's design is something that I really am interested in)

    3. I know what you mean... whatever happened to the "Origin of Species" columns on Bulbagarden? Those were amazing!